How to Install Twist-On F-Connector on Coaxial Cable

How to Install Twist-On F-Connector on Coaxial Cable


    1. Using a cable stripper, carefully remove about 15mm of the black PVC. Antsig Cable Stripping Tool is recommended for clean and consistent cut.ArlecUK-product-cable-guide-coax-twist-on-step-1
    2. With a cutting knife, shave the new end of the black PVC to a 45° angleArlecUK-product-cable-guide-coax-twist-on-step-2
    3. Peel back the braid shield layers onto the black PVC to expose the inner white PVCArlecUK-product-cable-guide-coax-twist-on-step-3
    4. Again using the cable stripper, carefully remove about 10mm of the inner white PVC to expose the core conductorArlecUK-product-cable-guide-coax-twist-on-step-4
    5. Insert and push the core conductor into the Twist-On Type F-Connector.ArlecUK-product-cable-guide-coax-twist-on-step-5
    6. Securely attach by screwing the Type F-Connector onto the cable. Keep screwing the Type F-Connector to the cable until the white PVC appears flush with the inner face of the screw wellArlecUK-product-cable-guide-coax-twist-on-step-6
    7. For a clean finished cable, remove any excess shield residual with a sharp tool. The exposed core conductor must not protrude past the end of the F-Connector by 3mm.ArlecUK-product-cable-guide-coax-twist-on-step-7

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