How to Install PAL Connector on Coaxial Cable

How to Install PAL Connector on Coaxial Cable
  1. Using a cable stripper, carefully remove about 15mm of the black PVC. Antsig Cable Stripping Tool is recommended for clean and consistent cut.ArlecUK-product-cable-guide-coax-PAL-step-1
  2. Peel back the braid shield layers onto the black PVC to expose the inner white PVC.ArlecUK-product-cable-guide-coax-PAL-step-2
  3. Again using the cable stripper, carefully remove about 10mm of the inner white PVC to expose the core conductor.ArlecUK-product-cable-guide-coax-PAL-step-3
  4. Unscrew the Collar and separate the cable clamp and centre connector from the plug body.ArlecUK-product-cable-guide-coax-PAL-step-4
  5. After preparing the cable, slide the collar onto the coax cable, then secure the braiding by widening and adjusting the cable clamp. Now loosen the Philips screw on the centre connector until the core conductor of the cable slots in. Once it is inside, tighten the screw to secure it.ArlecUK-product-cable-guide-coax-PAL-step-5
  6. Insert the centre connector back into the plug body and screw back the Collar as much as possible until it is secure.ArlecUK-product-cable-guide-coax-PAL-step-6


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