Waterproof Compression Plug for RG6 Cable

SKU: AP077
Enhance the functionality of your coaxial cable by equipping devices like compatible TVs and cable TV (e.g., FOXTEL) that might be exposed to water, such as at the antenna, with these reliable compression plugs.

Key Features:

  • Efficiently add a terminal to your coaxial cable, securing devices like compatible TVs and cable TV (e.g., FOXTEL) that are susceptible to water exposure, especially near the antenna, using these dependable compression plugs.
  • Features a nickel-plated finish for exceptional corrosion resistance, ensuring a prolonged and robust signal transmission.
  • Boasts a waterproof connector design, adding an extra layer of protection against moisture-related issues.
  • Requires a compression tool for installation (tool not included).
  • Emphasizes compression connections, known for providing Enhanced durability and a secure, long-lasting link.
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