140cm Antenna Extendable Galvanised Fascia Mount

SKU: AP1612
The Antsig expandable fascia mount offers versatility with its three inter-lockable components: two straight parts measuring 700mm each and a right-angle part, resulting in a total straight net length of 1.4m. The mount, featuring a 32mm outer diametre straight seamed tubular steel, is well-suited for a wide range of outdoor antenna installations. Its robustness is Enhance d by a yellow coating derived from zinc galvanization, providing heightened corrosion resistance.

Key Features:

  • Functionality as an expandable fascia mount.
  • Comprises 3 inter-lockable poles: 2 x 600mm (finished length) straight poles and 1 right-angle pole.
  • Total straight length spanning 1.4 metres.
  • Suitable for a variety of outdoor antenna installations.
  • Galvanized finish for an extended product lifespan.