How to Wire a CAT6 Wall Plate

How to Wire a CAT6 Wall Plate

This video is a demonstration of how to connect a CAT6 cable into a wall plate.


  1. Using a cable stripper, carefully remove about 25mm of the PVC to expose the inner wires.
  2. Slide off the outer cable layer to expose the inner wires and cartilage spine.
  3. Separate the inner wires from the spine and untwist only as much wire as is needed for the CAT6 wall plate.
  4. Carefully trim the centre spine cartilage, being careful not to cut any wires.
  5. Straighten only as much of the twisted wires as is needed to terminate them in their respective slots (T-568A is used for this animation), then trim the cable ends.


Some parts of this animation visually enhance the wiring. Do not strip the blue jacket beyond where it terminates. Twist in pairs should also be maintained as far as possible. Be sure to trim any excess wiring at completion.

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