ANTSIG occupies a longstanding and proud place in Australia’s antenna, AV and allied accessories markets. We have grown and flourished over many decades by identifying customer needs with pinpoint accuracy, and then delivering products of proven quality and dependability. Our category management team keeps close contact with an international network of manufacturers, designers and engineering professionals in the AV and entertainment industries. We are already planning for Australia’s product requirements of the future, monitoring activity in such key areas as home automation, device interconnectedness, remote controllability, material recyclability and energy conservation. Whenever there is an advance in any of these areas, we know there might be an accompanying necessity for a new cable connection or re-sized socket; we endeavour to meet and exceed customer expectations by bringing new products to market as swiftly as possible.

We also understand our obligation to monitor ongoing improvements in fabrication techniques and environmentally superior materials. All ANTSIG products are subject to Arlec Australia’s formal policies pertaining to Quality, Packaging, Environment, as well as ISO9001 Management Protocols. These policies guide our commitment to make ANTSIG products as good as they can be, and to keep Australians ‘connected’ to each other and the wider community for many years to come.