Telecommunications and entertainment industries worldwide are continually challenging allied industries to keep pace with new product releases and technological innovations. At ANTSIG, we are proud to meet these challenges with confidence, supplying our Australian customers with TV and AV accessories that are compatible with new-release devices from all major manufacturers.

ANTSIG products span all principal categories within this busy sector. We manufacture and supply TV antennas and associated product categories relating to TV/antenna connections, including cables, splitters, connectors and signal amplifiers. In addition, we supply a complete suite of accessories designed to connect set top boxes and the latest Blu-ray players and recorders to TVs. Of course, we supply new-generation storage devices, cabling and connectors so our customers can maximize the functionality of their equipment.

The mobile phone and tablet sectors are equally buoyant powerhouses of technical change, requiring an elaborate range of compatible chargers and connectors. ANTSIG satisfies Australian consumer demand by keeping abreast of international trends and pre-empting the rollout of new devices to our local market, as overseen by our in-house category management team and design and engineering department.

All ANTSIG products are manufactured in compliance with the most exacting Australian Standards and codes of practice. In fact, a large number of ANTSIG products are designed in-house at our Melbourne headquarters specifically to cater to local market needs and conditions.

We understand that the Australian climate is uniquely harsh, and that users require products that are adaptable, tough and stylish. Our outdoor ranges are constructed using the latest protective and UV-resistant coatings and finishes.